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Location Scouting + File Pulls | We have built a diverse in-house location database with over 20 years of scout photography.  Additionally, we offer pre-production scouts to get up-to-date images of properties with or without stand-in models for scale.

Celebrity and VIP handling| Being based in Los Angeles, we are frequently asked to manage endorsements and, once on set, providing a professional, discreet environment wherein talent and their representatives feel well accommodated.

Art Buying | Many years working with talented creatives has enabled us to develop relationships with art directors, photographers, directors, illustrators, etc.  Our clients have often leaned on us to help connect them with these artists due to high demand jobs that don't always afford them adequate vetting time for specific project needs.


B Roll Photo/Film | A frequent request alongside key photography/motion, we are highly comfortable producing b-roll content.

Estimate Building | Give us your budget, any budget, we will give you the breakdown of how and where your money goes.

Insurance Coverage | We have you covered! We offer worker’s comp & liability for your project needs.

Payroll Services + Finances | We handle all post-job invoice collection and payment to talent, crew & vendors.

Image Licensing | Experienced in rate negotiations and contract terms.

Permiting | We hold positive, collaborative relationships with officials on city, state and Federal level to gain lawful access to your locations.

Talent Casting | Strong relationships with top talent agencies and casting directors allow us to service your needs based on your budget.

Child Labor Laws | Extensive experience around labor laws and payment terms for minors coupled with long standing on-set teacher relationships.

Production Crew | Large database of positive, dedicated, able-bodied and reliable crew/team members.

Worldwide Travel & International Production | We have produced jobs in South Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand, France, Mexico, South America and elsewhere. Travel is our favorite!

Equipment Rentals | Longstanding relationships with top rental houses for photo and motion.

Props | Working relationships with Prop Stylists, Set Designers, and Prop Houses to encompass all needs.

Catering | Potentially the vendors we correspond with the most, we know the best in the business for every dietary restriction and are happy to accommodate all needs.

Ground/Air Transport | Arrangement of air travel, car services and/or vehicle rentals.

Medical Aid | On-set first aid kit, fast and reliable access to on-set doctor, certified AED/CPR crew member on set upon request.

Security | Services offered for high profile clients and valuables.

Translator | Spanish to English verbal and written services available.

One-off & Special Requests | We regularly receive and welcome these...

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